The core business of galvanic treatments

Myrtus has always focused on quality so it mainly works with industries in which aesthetics have a strong role to play.

This is why our core business involves producing finishes for accessories used for furniture, shutters and frames, detailing for light fixtures, medals, items for the furnishing and fashion industries and components for quality corkscrews.

By skilfully managing our production processes and orders, carefully monitoring the thickness of the finishes and by complying with European regulations regarding hazardous substances, Myrtus is also in an excellent position to produce treatments for precision engineering, turneries, bolts and screws, parts for the white goods and automotive industries and many other highly specialised sectors.i.

Myrtus operates in the following industries:

  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Apparel
  • Doors, windows, shutters and frames
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Quality corkscrews
  • Medals
  • Precision engineering
  • Bolts, screws and turneries
  • White goods