Our environmental policy

Our environmental policy

Ever since it was established, Myrtus has considered the strictest observance of regulations regarding environmental protection and workplace safety an indispensable element essential to its corporate policy. Because it pays special attention to issues involving the environment and occupational safety, as well as new technologies and new Italian and international rules, the company has introduced ever more innovative operating methods to improve its performance on the environmental and workplace safety fronts.  Myrtus S.r.l. aims to guarantee its workforce the safest and healthiest working conditions, by carefully managing equipment and processes at every stage of the production cycle, and involving all employees and anyone else working, or present, on the premises.
In particular, Myrtus S.r.l. undertakes to plan, or have experts plan, and run its equipment, processes and related activities in such a way as to minimise personnel health and safety hazards and protect the environment, through the design, production, start up and decommissioning of equipment, and by training and updating employees.
This is done by first identifying hazards, risks and environmental impact, and then adopting the most suitable prevention and protection measures, together with intense training and updating sessions for all employees.
The essential elements of this policy are:

  • Recognition of the Integrated Environment and Safety Management System as essential to running    environmental and safety measures and hazard assessment.
  • Achievement of environmental and safety measures that not only observe legal requirements, but also seek continuous improvement.
  • Provision of suitable measures for implementing policy.
  • Definition and quantification of objectives, where possible.
  • Assurance that policy is communicated, received, implemented and maintained at all levels.
  • Involvement of personnel, consulting them on the management system applied and the objectives defined.
  • Involvement of personnel from third party companies operating with Myrtus S.r.l., consulting them to check their awareness of their own risks and those of Myrtus S.r.l., and of policy, procedures and objectives to which in-house and outsourced personnel must contribute.
  • Periodical re-assessment of the system for the purpose of applying improvements.

Below is a summary of the main courses of action adopted by Myrtus S.r.l. with regard to the environment and safety:

  • Promotion at all company levels of a sense of responsibility towards safety and the environment, as well as assurance that personnel will receive suitable information about the integrated management system and qualified training.
  • Advance assessment of the effects on the environment and workplace safety of all new activities, products and processes.
  • Assessment and control of the effects on safety and the environment of work in progress.
  • Use of updated technology to check opportunities for replacing current processes with less hazardous ones for those exposed to risks and accidents.
  • Adoption of suitable measures to prevent or eliminate accidents.
  • Introduction and application of surveillance procedures to ensure conformity to corporate policy.
  • Assurance of cooperation with public authorities to implement emergency procedures.

Maniago, 08/02/2023

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